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:: 9.30.2003 :: high school drama ::

well....9th period rolls around. turns out i have to walk to the library to work on the kalner projet. so i walk to the library with matt and meet up with ashley and maru. john doesn't show up. bastard. i hope kalner doesnt lower OUR grade because of HIM. fucking bastard derseves to be smacked around. so we work on the project....thing is the librarian is a nazi and maru has to leave. problem: she was using the computer and if she leaves we aren't allowed on the comp. stupid rules, i know. anywaaaaays, we finally talk the librarian into letting us stay under her name. dilemma two. the printer and internet there doesnt work and we have no place to save the work to. matt and ashley walk to walgreens but it turns out they dont sell floppy disks, so i have to call up my mom and have her drop some off. so finally we save it. all is well in the land of justin...or is it? i get home and the fucking floppy disk wont work. finally i fool around with it a bit until it opens in msworks and its all fucked up. i send what i can salvage to matt, and he fixes up the missing stuff. finally i'm done. hoorah....and now its 7:15 and i have to get started on my homework. peace.
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:: 9.29.2003 :: Alternatives ::
"And as a few strokes on the nose will make a puppy head shy, so a few rebuffs will make a boy shy all over. But whereas a puppy will cringe away or roll on its back, groveling, a little boy may cover his shyness with nonchalance, with bravado, or with secrecy. And once a boy has suffered rejection, he will find rejection even where it does not exist -- or, worse, will draw it forth from people simply by expecting it." - John Steinbeck, East of Eden.

I like to quote that in my blog/lj whenever I see it as being apropriate to my mood. I could probably have posted it more often. Ugh....okay day at school...Ms.O'hara and Mrs.Downey were out so I had 2 free classes in the computer room even though NO ONE was online. argh. I don't have that much homework, but I've had an awful stomach ache all day and it's prolonged my homework time..Maybe I'll just do some of it in school, yeah, I never liked homework anyway.

I doubt any of you can tell but I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I needed to find out what classroom my spanish honor society was meeting in so I needed to check the email the adivsor sent me, but my wireless crap for brains internet wasnt working and the computer downstairs kept fucking up so I got angry and through a chair....I have some anger management problems..eheheheheh. Argh. School mellowed me out a little bit...I played frisbee instead of staying at that honor society meeting..I wasnt in the mood to listen to anymore teachers. Especially when theyre going to be speaking in spanish. When I got home all I wanted to do was sleep. No, this is my house. I cant get 2 minutes of fucking peace and quiet with that fucking phone. Every 5 minutes it rings and its NEVER FOR ME. I always call the person in my room to get the phone, they get it, leave it in bumblefuck, it rings again and I have to go get it, they leave it wherever again and then it rings again and I have to get out of bed to get it again. I've decided I'm just going to boycott picking up the phone. This will make my family realize how vital I am in picking up the phone. Argh. I know it sounds stupid, but if you were me you'd know how I feel...or something to that degree.

I haven't had the chance to play Disgaea today...I don't know if I even will, I'm very very tired and I want to doze off as soon as I finish with my homework....Tomorrow Craig should have the next 23 episodes of get backers for me. He's going to burn me a copy of the first 26 episodes for 2 dollars. I offered him more but he said two would suffice, so I won't argue that.....and that's all folks. Peace.
:: Justin 8:32 PM [+] ::
i feel like being generous...this is a blog-only update..LJ peoplare missing out. i finished watching get backers. it was great. i hope cartoon network picks it up and it comes over to the stateside...i just hope they dont doa shitty job in the editing department, then give the characters crappy english names...hm...i have school tomorrow...and a debate in my us history class. argh. i dont feel like debating...whatever though....i have an uber-headache...peace.
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:: 9.27.2003 :: Alternatives ::
The Ultimate LiveJournal Obsession Test
CategoryYour ScoreAverage LJer
Community Attachment8.6%
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happy holidays. ill give anyone who can tell me what holiday it is uh.....a prize. yeah. good luck. anyways, i had a really bad headache this morning and decided to sleep it off....didn't help much though, as i still have it. played some disgaea, then grandparents and matt and his family came over for dinner...watched some get backers...and now i'm here. tomorrow is homework day..whoopee -_-
:: Justin 11:03 PM [+] ::
:: 9.26.2003 :: yeah ::
....awesome frisbee after school. its now an official school recognized club. w00t. best game so far this year, even though my team lost.....anyways, brian came back to my house after the game and we played some disigaea and soul calibur 2..then we watched more get backers..lmao like 4 episodes. its really good.....now im playing disgaea...wow, today sure went fast...too bad more days arent like this. oh well. peace.
:: Justin 10:27 PM [+] ::
:: 9.25.2003 :: blah ::
today was parent visiting day. when my parents got home they said all my teachers said i was a good students, and that my math class is filled with idiots. they are upset i dropped the honors math, but i honestly dont care...just too much work....i played some more disgaea today, but i mainly spent my time doing a shitload of homework. hopefully i won't have that much homework to do this weekend, seeing as its a jewish holiday and all. i have to do a project in us history this weekend, so i'll likely be meeting with a group of people at the library either tomorrow or sometime this weekend. tomorrow is the day that the frisbee team might actually be recognized by the school. im not quite sure how this approval thing works, but i guess ill find out tomorrow....that's all..yeah....almost trigun time. peace.
:: Justin 11:33 PM [+] ::
:: 9.24.2003 :: badum. ::
well...you asked and you shall recieve. if you'd like to see my picture with bobo the donkey click here...and if you'd like to see him without all that text on the picture click here. i hope my donkey-loving has appeased you all. anyways i feel like talking about school.

i brought in a jacket but i didnt feel like wearing it all day so i asked if i could put it in brians locker. he said okay and gave me the combo. things i dont remember which locker is his since they all look the same so he pointed to a locker and ran off. i spent 2-3 tries trying to open it, realizing i just couldn't do it. i thought i had it accomplished but i guess not. lunch time comes. brian tells me that wasnt his locker, but you-know-whos. ARGH. he was hoping she would come along and see me trying to open HER locker and make me look like a fool, but be forced to talk to her. im going to kill him one day, seriously. blah blah blah..more stuff...blah blah....ninth period. mr.kalner said we're going to go on a trip in december to washington DC...we will tour the CIA and do all sorts of nifty stuff....yeah....

that's it...i have to go do homework...love and peace. :-p
:: Justin 7:03 PM [+] ::
:: 9.23.2003 :: Update Journal ::
theres a karaoke game for the ps2 that i want, but everyone would laugh if i get it. *sigh* how can i have an uncontrollable urge to participate in karaoke games/tournaments/etc?! bah...one day i will become a karaoke champion, you mark my words. not a lot of homework today...i was very relieved, but i also must note that i got my test in us history back. the class average was 59/100...i got a 66 :-[...then he curved the grade and mine became an 81..then the class argued questions with him and we got 3 points back..so i got an 84..heh...i could live with that. i did my presentation in spanish today and i left out a line about playing frisbee, i also had a fairly crappy ending, but i think i got atleast an 85, hopefully i'll find out my grade tomorrow. i think theres an ant problem in my room and my sisters room. we've found 3 giant ants within the past day and a half and theyre fast and creepy. argh. i hope we dont have termites or anything.

so that's all...i am tired...but i must stay up to watch trigun. peace and love :-p.
:: Justin 10:47 PM [+] ::
:: 9.22.2003 :: stuff that happend today ::
i had typed up an entry but LJ fucked up...so here's a summary.

third period, spanish. i showed billy the picture of me with bobo the donkey from the dude ranch. the teacher saw it and then during class she called on me and for some reason asked for the picture. i gave it to her and she passed it around the class. most embarassing moment EVER in my entire school life. lets see....what else...i bit my nail too much the other day and it got infected...my finger was turning greenish...so when i got home i took a toothpick and scraped away a hole in one of the softer parts, squeezed the stuff out and then washed it with peroxide. disgusting i know :-p. i got a 6/9 on my us history essay which is MUCH better than i expected, considering it was the worst essay i had ever written....i also took the us history test which was hard as hell, i probably fucked that up too. i have a spanish oral exam tomorrow. i have to memorize this crap speech i wrote. i hate talking infront of the class. i hate speeches. tomorrow is gonna suck...

that's all...i think....by the way, i still want people to take that test from my last update.
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:: 9.21.2003 :: zzzzzz...zzzzz ::
augh. how interesting was yesterday? lets see....i get to brians house around 6, immediately aj gets drunk. he wouldn't admit it, but he was. it's hard to tell with him because well...he's aj and he always sounds like an idiot when he talks. hmmm....we got these BB guns and shot eachother and stuff....but anyways...we went to 711...aj met up with a few people he knew while brian, mark and i kept going. i got a slurpee and we left aj there...he came back shortly after the pizza arrived and was high. we played some soul calibur.....watched the "when you wish upon a weinstien" episode of family guy which is ROFL funny. it's such a jew basher...anyways...then when brians sister and her friends were gone at like 10 we shut off all lights in the house and had a war with the bb guns...it was fun...but it was kinda hard seeing the guns sucked so much...by about 11:30 we had given up on the bb guns and played taboo...the first game was mark and i vs brian and aj, and we lost....shocking...it was ajs first victory ever...then the next game was brian and i vs, and we kicked major ass...and then i dont think we ever completed t he third game...mark had to leave. bah. anyways....aj fell asleep while brian and i played mario party 4..then we stayed up talking til like 5 AM...augh...i am so tired right now....a few notable notes things...

mark is in a 1 man band, he plays all the instruments and then mixes them on the computer with his vocals....he's good. i think he'll go places. he met with a record company exec person, and they liked him but wanted to make sure to wait a few years so there was no chance of his voice changing or something like that. mark is also the most gullible person i know. we were joking around that ellen and i were fucking just cause we felt like..and the same with aj and laura. lmao...it was so funny. eventually brian told him we were just lying but rofl still, thats pretty gullible. at night around 4 AM aj woke up and said in his sleep "Um...is that her offense?" then went back to sleep....then about a half an hour later he mumbled something about Hitler...this is in all seriousness people, you cant joke about shit like this....

aj gave me the picture of me with bobo the donkey from the dude ranch..i accidentally left it at brians house but he'll bring it into school tomorrow so i can share it with the world....and that's it. im tired as fuck, and ive got some homework to do still. peace.
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:: 9.20.2003 :: 2 udpates ::
here are yesterday and tonights updates...forgot to post here.

31.25 %

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Does your weblog own you?

played way too much disgaea today...so tired...gonna be even crazier tomorrow....um...what else? i have a headache, but i'm not gonna do anything about it...too late to even care. my dad said that he was talking to the people he reps, the guys who animated tv funhouse (not robert smigel, he is the WRITER) and he some how managed to get them to let me visit to see how things are done behind the sceens...i dunno if i'll go though...it seems cool. he thinks that if i go it will get me some sort of internship in the future that i don't actually want. i don't know what i want to do with my life, it's sad though because by now i should really have made up some sort of decision, even if it is vague....that's all..yeah..night.


Today is talk like a pirate day. Arrr!!!! Avast ye landlubbers, I shall make yah sleep in davey jones locker if ye don't pay attention to my pirate ramblings....but seriously...today was okay in school. I got a 99 on my chemistry test and I took my vocab and spanish tests, both were pretty easy. I think I'm going to do some HW from US History in advance so I dont have that much work over the week, it just makes things easier this way....hmm...I'm probably gonna play a lot of Disgaea today, since it's such a fucking awesome game. I'm not going to concentrate on unlocking everything till the next time through, cause right now I want to focus on my main characters, not unlocking new classes (even though some of the classes are fricking awesome)....That's all...yeah..
:: Justin 2:19 AM [+] ::
:: 9.18.2003 :: bleharhgha ::
hmmm...got my manga today....all 4 of them rocked. school was cancelled in 4 towns near mine...but NOT MY TOWN. argh. i dont want to go to school tomorrow! argh....i didnt have that much homework today so i played a lot if disgaea instead. i have 2 tests tomorrow, spanish and vocab. i'll study for the vocab but not the spanish..that one is easy. i got a 91 one on my math test, which was the highest in the class. the rest of the class bombed getting a class average of like 75. lol...they all hated me for being smarter than them :(...i kinda expected this to happen though since i dropped out of the honors class and now i'm with a bunch of assholes and idiots.

that's all....yeah...my journal is going back to friends-only for reasons unbeknownst to you :p.
:: Justin 10:31 PM [+] ::
:: 9.17.2003 :: stacys mom...has got it goin on..... ::
been playing disgaea a lot today....like 3 hours...it's addictve...and hilarious. i still think everyone should pick it up. i had homework today...not nearly as much as i had yesterday, but i still had, i hated it. i got home and my manga wasnt here...argh...if it's not here tomorrow im going to call. i had two tests today..i'm pretty sure i did good on both of them. i had an orthodontist appointment today....he wants me to wear my retainer to sleep...i find it pointless...i don't think i'm going to do what he says. my teeth won't shift. they haven't in the past month, why would they now? im exhausted....but i have to stay up to watch trigun. i started watching it yesterday and it's interesting. it's funnier than i thought it would be. and that's it..yeah....:-/
:: Justin 11:14 PM [+] ::
i wrote this in school....forgot to post it here.

well, yeah. teachers got jury duty so i can use the computer at school :-D......i dunno why i'm LJing now though...nothing to talk about. went out to lunch...um...yeah. that is pretty much my day. last night i was up til the wee hours of the morning writing what is perhaps the worst essay in the history of the world. i fucked it up so much...gonna get a crappy grade too. argh. oh well one grade never hurt anyone....or did it? i think yesterday i had more homework than i had ever had in my entire life. argh. homework should be option. of course i think a lot of things should be optional, like move ratings, and pants...but that's just me ;).....i'm gonna surf around......maybe my manga is waiting at my house for me. i hope it is, but i have to stay after school for botany club. argh. why the hell am i in the botany club? this is pathetic. peace.

:: Justin 3:12 PM [+] ::
:: 9.15.2003 :: i should be doing my homework right now ::
...but instead i choose to LJ. geez, i hate being a junior. seriously. i think the work i got this year has tripled the amount i got last year. i hate it, i really do. i didn't think there would be as much of a change cause you never hear anyone complaining about it but apparently there is and juniors just choose to stick out the year and work work work. argh. by the end of the year im going to have a mental breakdown where i just start reciting random information ive learned for no apparent reason. anyways i have a highlight of the day...


i was standing infront of _______'s locker when she had to use it...i moved away and said "oh, sorry"..see that...thats a step in the right direction...bah...who am i kidding? this is so pathetic.

i must finish my fucking work. i have an essay and a lab and lots of crap due tomorrow that i dont feel like doing? anyone want to do my homework for me?
:: Justin 7:33 PM [+] ::
:: 9.14.2003 :: blah ::
just thought i'd remind everyone to watch conan tonight at NBC. it's his 10th anniversarry special at 9:30 and knowing conan, and his writers, it will be one of the funniest things ever. i've been anticipating it all week, lol. i played disgaea all day..and did some homework. but i mainly played disgaea. it's getting very cool...i think i'm prepared for the next battle but i'm going to try to level up to atleast level 20 before i start. i have school tomorrow *WHINE COMPLAIN ANGER*. i hate school, i really do. i'm sure i could find something better to do...or i wish i could have the option to only go to the classes that i care about. argh. i found out i didnt make the drivers ed course for fall...looks like i'll have to wait till spring....and that's all. yeah.
:: Justin 8:46 PM [+] ::
:: 9.13.2003 :: :-/ ::
i got my ears lowered today . it looks okay, it needs to grow a bit longer for me to be happy with it. i played A LOT of disgaea. i'm really starting to love it. very fun, very funny and fairly challenging. pick it up before it goes away. i did some homework...figured i'd lighten the load i have tomorrow....i dunno what im going to do tomorrow. i KEEP forgetting to get my moms credit card to buy some manga online. the reason i need hers is because, as ive mentioned before, the citibank cash card has been discontinued. i'm going to set up a checking account at the bank that way i have a real-grown-up card and i can once again order things online at my own free will.

there was a picnic at my old elementary school today. my brother and sister went because they now go to the school. on the playground one kid was climbing up the very top which is a good 14 or so feet up. youre not supposed to go up that far BECAUSE ITS A ROOF....well anyways..this kid climbed to the top and guess what. he fell off. he hurt his back very badly and they had to have a helicopter flown onto the school field to retrieve him. i dont know why they needed the helicopter, but from what i heard over the phone, and from my siblings it was an interesting thing to watch. anyways, i dont know the kid but i hope he's okay. i hope the parents dont sue the school because its the kids fucking fault that he was up there. the parents should have been watching him anyway. argh. it will piss me off if they sue...and i have a feeling they will.

thats all for now...im going to go walk down the block and trip on my neighbors sidewalk so i can break my leg and sue them.
:: Justin 11:09 PM [+] ::
:: 9.12.2003 :: ... ::
my mom wants me to visit a therapist doctor person thing. atleast i think she does. she asked me if i wanted to. i seriously think that you know you have hit rock bottom when you have absolutely nothing to look forward to. the only thing i think i can look forward to is a fire drill and who knows when those are planned for? *sigh* i had my one year check-up. you know how after the doctor checks you up and then he goes outside and talks to your parent with the door closed and expects you not to listen in on what theyre saying? i hate that. i don't think i like my doctor either. i had to get a blood test too. i have a daffy duck band-aid cause they had no regular ones left. a pen exploded in my pants. it leaked all of my pants and dyed my leg black. yuck. fucking stupid pens. i played some frisbee after school. i think most of the people who play are assholes. they are all just so annoying. they get pissed off when i have to leave and take my frisbee. i'm the only one who fucking brings one. theyre too dependant. next time i wont bring one. lousy day at school. im all out of order. this morning when i woke up my mom was like "i have bad news...john ritter died." i was angry, upset..he was so young and one of the few decent people in hollywood. it's such a tragedy. *sigh* my life is going to hell.

and before any one makes any pissy comments "atleast your not homeless" or "you could be worse off" go to hell im not in the mood to read them.
:: Justin 5:28 PM [+] ::
:: 9.11.2003 :: yeah ::
(i typed this up this afternoon..kinda forgot to blog it though)

today is 9/11. it's my dads birthday. im positive you also know what today is. we had a moment of silence second period, during the moment one of the planes hit..and then my comp animation teacher read something. well. let me give you backstory to what she read. yesterday during class she wanted us to write about 9/11. i wrote about my day, and just what happend. anyways. she read part of what i wrote cause she said she liked it. i spoke about how in the schools they treated the kids like little four year olds who weren't responsible/mature/old enough to know what was going on. i wrote about how there was one teacher, to this day who i still thank, that told us the truth, let us listen to the radio during class and treated us like adults. was it like this in anyone elses school? was everything so secretive? i'd like to know. post comments.

anyways, i stayed after school today cause mr.kalner wanted to assign books to everyone as an extra project that was for in class, but done out of class. he gave everyone a book to read and i wound up with a fucking book about abe lincoln and the civil war. i don't want to read this book. it's filled with documents up the wazoo and i have little to no interest in it. bah. and i have a month to write a 2-6 page essay on it. can you say 2 pages :-p? nothing else happend today so ill talk more about yesterday.

as im sure you may have guessed i was a little out of it. had a headache the entire day...wasn't pleased with my classes as much as i would have liked to have been and im overall in a crappy mood lately. atleast thats what people are starting to tell me. anyways, i fell asleep and about an hour into the sleep my mom woke me up cause i asked her to wake me so i didnt sleep through my homework-time. she woke me up and she said i kinda flipped out a bit. started complaing about how i was annoyed at stuff and i didnt feel well and how everything so crappy. i think i might have said more but i dont think she's telling me. i honestly don't remember what i said cause i was half-sleeping at the time. if you ever want an honest answer ask the question as soon as the person wakes up, or if they sleep-talk wait till then.

that's all. yeah. i have a stomach ache and im going to sleep.
:: Justin 9:40 PM [+] ::
:: 9.10.2003 :: :-/ ::
you know somethings wrong when your mom asks you if youre depressed. i haven't really noticed myself acting differently around the house, but i guess she has. i dunno what i'm gonna do...or if im gonna do anything at all. school has once agained turned me into a pathetic clone amongst a sea of falsified individuals. i hate it. i really do, but it's all part one of big intertwined system that i don't have any control of. and whoever did have contorl of it has lost it long ago. things are constantly being made easier because people are consistently getting more and more stupid. i swear, my classes just arent challenging. sure there is a large amount of work, but all of it is just textbook material, nothing i need to think on my own to accomplish. i have no where to express my creativity, even in my art classes am i forced and limited to what i am allowed to do. on top of all this i feel empty. drained. i have simply lost all will to go on. i have nothing to work for because in the end there is little to none who actually wins. i know in my head that i will grow up to work under a boss who i hate, with people who bother me, and be surrounded by people who say they care for me but are really wearing masks to hide their true feelings. i need to be refreshed. the glass is less than half empty. rejuvination. a new begining. something to bring an end to how i feel. something to change me for the better. give me purpose. please. i dare you.
:: Justin 6:01 PM [+] ::
:: 9.09.2003 :: well FUCK ::
F A M E by spazyspag
Youre famous for:Being ugly
You get famous:July 18, 2013
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Do people like you?Everyone loves you
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well fuck. i shouldnt have bothered taking that meme...i knew what the answer would be. rofl. i realized im only going to talk to her if im forced to because i dont think its something i can do willingly.
:: Justin 11:56 PM [+] ::
after watching the end of evangelion my head is ready to explode. seriously. i hope the movie tomorrow clears everything up. i feel like detailing my day cause i found it rather interesting.

english - i got my essay back. a+ w00t. great way to start the year. i thought ms.o'connell would be a bitch about grades like she was in 9th grade...i hope that she isnt, cause from the looks of it she's lightened up.

comp animation - woo. flash mx rocks. i need to download it for my computer so i can make lots of pretty bouncy stuff for everyone too look at and go, "OOOOOH."

spanish - i like the teacher a lot. she's nice. the class is easy, and its pretty funny too. every day in the morning we listen to spanish music like mark anthony or ricky martin. sheesh. i hope she runs out of CDs soon.

lunch - hmmm...lunch was normal. sat with brian, aj, lenny and a few other people who play frisbee. after eating i went up to the library and did some work. brian had to spy on 3 people for his creative writing class so he wrote a spying description of me that compared me to a hobbit. ugh.

computer graphics - mrs.downey is a nazi. she doesnt let us pick our computers and we have to follow her rules. we cant joke around or talk or anything. im drawing a cool city-scape picture thats coming out better than i thought it would.

math - the teacher is really nice. the class is of regular difficulty. not a lot of homework = okay with me :-D

chemistry - argh. we did this stupid measuring lab to get used to all the equipment that i've worked with for the past 2 years. she made us wear these ridiculous goggles and they were too tight and left a red mark around my eyes.

us history - fun class. lots of work. mr.kalner is a cool guy, but he relies too much on homework to get the teaching done.

....and that's it. yeah. i saw her in the halls. i wish i could talk to her, i really wish i could.

:: Justin 11:51 PM [+] ::
:: 9.08.2003 :: zzzzz.... ::
i cried today. while watching evangelion. i'm not going to spoil where, but if youve seen the show then you probably know what part i was talking about. its funny though, cause i don't cry that often. usually at funerals and such. i also fell asleep while doing my homework....took me a lot longer than i expected. argh. stupid crap for crap us history. piece of fucking shit class if you ask me. i havent had any "me-time" lately. where i could just sit back...and relax...and not worry about anything. i think these moments are slipping away and becoming rarer and rarer...i miss them :(.
:: Justin 9:19 PM [+] ::
:: 9.07.2003 :: VROOM STOP SWERVE ::
i was driving today. same parking lot as last time....then i drove to the park, and then to a friend of the families house. i did better than last time. when i was leaving the parking lot i saw someone from school who was also at the time practicing driving for like the first time. it was funny cause i told them to go and they told me to go. i guess we were both paranoid about hitting one another....atleast i was :-p. watched 3 episodes of futurama from the DVD today. ah its such a great show. the show is very smart with what they do...some of the jokes are just out there, some are pretty easy to understand and some of them make you think for a bit. i also played some more disgaea. no farther than i got yesterday, i was just leveling up. it's such a funny game, dood. hahah, the penguins say dood. silly penguins that explode when you throw them.
:: Justin 10:52 PM [+] ::
:: 9.06.2003 :: shopping spree ::
okay, not quite a shopping spree, but close enough. here is a list of what i bought today.

1 shirt (blue, with white on teh sleeves)
2 shorts (dark grey and dark green)
1 flcl manga
1 spanish-english dictionary (school is making me get one)
1 ranma 1/2 manga
1 season 2 futurama DVD
1 disgaea hour of darkness for ps2

all in all...it comes to more money than i expected to spend. oh well. disgaea is fun. the flcl manga is only okay, and the ranma manga continues to rock......and thats about it today. ive got a shitload of homework to do tomorrow. blarghy.
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:: 9.05.2003 :: yeaaah ::
okay day at school. best of the 3 so far. played frisbee for about an hour of school...i left the game when it was a tie...i was tiring out. brian came back to my house and we played soul calibur, got pizza and just did nothing. it was fun though. now i'm watching evangelion. i'm up to episode 14....its getting confusing now....adios.
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:: 9.04.2003 :: frisbeage ::
alright. school was school. pretty much the same as yesterday...a little bit easier, but i have more homework. after school i waited outside the north wing and we played some frisbee. there were 4-7 of us..people kept coming and going. it was fun. i still cant do any of that awesome crap that lenny can do, but oh well. i don't think i'm gonna bother learning, aslong as i can throw a frisbee regularly, with good accuracy. tomorrow they expect a bigger turn out. i have decided that the easiest way to clear the halls and get rid of all the traffic is the exterminate the freshmen. kill them all. i don't care how, just get rid of them. its simple and effective.
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:: 9.03.2003 :: schoolio ::
alright. last night the tylenol PM beat me, i was asleep by 12 which was more than enough time. anyways, here is how my day went.

period 1 - american lit h - o'connell: VERY big class. last year my english class had 12 people, this year it's like 28. brian is in the class, and i know a few other people. i don't know how ms.o'connell wil be. i had her as a freshman and she was a very moody teacher. she's also a strict grader, but if you had any question about your grade you could talk it over and usually she would raise it. i'm not going to make any predictions about the class. the first book we are reading is the scarlett letter. i also have a mini-essay to do tomorrow.

period 2 - computer animation - o'hara: very small class. its an okay class people-wise. i know a few people. ms.o'hara is cool. i had her last year, she gave me good grades even though i didnt always deserve them...eheheheh.

period 3 - spanish 4H - better: this class is very...hm...well it's big. it has some people i know in it. i walked in and the teacher was playing spanish music. she speaks more spanish than my teacher did last year, but this is my 5th year of spanish so i'm pretty used to it. she said there will be a lot of presentations and projects in spanish. geez. not my kinda thing. POETRY READING? bah. she looks like a nice teacher though.

period 4 - lunch: went to marios with brian, aj, joe and shane. i'm not really friends with joe or shane, but i know who they are, so whatever. it was funny. i don't think i'll go out to eat that often though, too much money.

period 5 - computer graphics - downey: i know a few people in the class, but its a big class for a computer class. 23 kids. anyways the teacher seems nice, but strict. should be fun.

period 6 - math - epps: you know those choir church ladies you always see in those down south church music commercials? she reminds me of them. it's a small class, she seems like a nice teacher even though i'm not really friends with anyone. meh, oh well, anythings better than my math teacher last year.

period 7 and 8 - chemistry h - rose: she is VERY boring. i know a few people in the class, and its a small class. ari isnt in my chem class though :(. i dont know how i will survive, seriously ;). before class ended she gave us this test where you have to read the instructions and the questions BEFORE doing them and then the last instruction says to just right your name and not to answer the questions. i've done something like this before. theyre very funny, especially when the person shouts out "I AM THE FIRST ONE TO GET TO THIS QUESTION!" or something like that. about half the class fell for it.

period 9 - american history h - kalner: he walked into the class and layed down on the floor. he told us to go through his wallet, briefcase, etc and to find out 5 facts about him. a lot of the stuff he had wasnt his and it was very misleading, but very funny. he was a very hyper guy. he gives a lot of work, and seems like a fairly tough grader, but still seems like a cool teacher. its strange.

anyways, thats how my day was and now i am very tired...so uh...yeah. by the way, i dont have you-know-who in any of my classes. damnit all to hell....and thats about it...peace.
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:: 9.02.2003 :: Alternatives ::
yeah. this is it. the end of my summer. it is no more. wow, holy crap, time sure does fly. i spent today sleeping, organizing stuff, and playing soul calibur. i really don't know what i want. i want to go to school i want to see you-know-who. i want to talk to people who i havent seen in 2 months.....but....i hate homework, i hate work and school just isn't fun most of the time. *sigh* the trials and tribulations of being me. pretty lame, eh? im going out to lunch with people tomorrow. i dont know how often this year i'll walk to lunch. i'd like to save as much money as possible by bringing lunch.....im gonna take a tylenol PM soon...i need sleep, badly.
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um....here is yesterdays update that i forgot to post here...i'll be back later with what i did today.

woke up around 1:30. went over to brettlers at like 2:30. played some f-zero and soul cali....watched some evangelion. he let me borrow the first disc. walked to fye and picked up the SC2 players guide so i could figure out how to get all of the weapons. it also comes with a really cool poster. anyways. at about 5, i went home and so did brettler and then brian and aj came over around 6. we played a good 3 hours of SC2 and some frisbee...hmmm...they left and i watched more evangelion. and this is how i spent my labor day. tomorrow is learn how to use a lock and read sparknotes to refresh my memory of the books i read for summer reading.
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