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:: 12.14.2003 :: The Page of Friends ::

it's become too much of a hassle to update two journals at a time, so from now on just go to http://livejournal.com/~eminga to read my journal....and if you want to be LJ friends just gimme an IM at simplyenigma, i'll surely oblige.
:: Justin 6:01 PM [+] ::
:: 12.12.2003 :: :) ::
despite anything you read in ashleys journal i do not hate her and i had a lot of fun today. she gave me my braclet at lunch which was the best bracelet ever and i wore it all day. i also forgot lunch in the morning, but luckily since it was marcs birthday he brought in 2 cakes, a box of donuts, a box of cookies and a 2 liter pepsi, so all was good in the land of lunch. end of school comes around, i meet ashley at her locker, we talk to her friend meg for awhile to get suggestions of what to do but we decide her suggestions of "playing basketball" and "rollerblading" were obviously not to be taken seriously, so we decide to walk aimlessly.

so we eventually stop infront of wallgreens cause walking around aimlessly is stupid, and she sees on the side of a building the name "Bert" as a joke she says it's the same bert that gave us a tour while we were in DC....well...about 10 minutes later, guess who walks by....BERT! yes. it was so amazingly funny. jajajajaj..probably the funniest thing that happend all day.

i stopped by brians house shortly after, saying hi to him and making sure he was okay. i also dropped off my backpack there cause i didnt want to walk around all day. he better get well by wednesday so we can see ROTK.

on our walking around town we stopped at CD island, parrots of the world (the rooster crowed at the iguana is a mime), we ate and sals and saw some of ashleys coworkers who i am in computer graphics class with, we went to the train station and sat in the top where it is warm for awhile where i stole her shoes and stuff and then we got bored and walked more.

we went to some home goods store that sells strange statues and candles and pillows of saturn and also stopped in CVS was just oh so fun ;)...eventually we go back to ashleys house for a little while, she gets some gloves and then her mom comes back with her grandma who is thankfully okay. they gave us a ride to taco bell and we both got quesadillas and then i got us a ride home with my dad cause he was close by at BJs.

tomorrow we might go see a movie, or just hang out or whatever. i dunno...i have a lot of work to do this weekend, hopefully i will get around to doing it...anyways..now i am home and today was a good day. hopefully more days will be like this and hopefully they will get even better :-D. oh p.s my brother got in a fight at the rec center. his face is scratched up, but he pushed a kid off the top of the bleechers. jajajaja.
:: Justin 10:03 PM [+] ::
:: 12.10.2003 :: :-D ::
ashley lost my bracelet before she even gave it to me :(. school was good for the most part. i did a four person secret santa with megan, josh and robin during 5th period, so now i have to get robin a gift that is under 2 dollars...i was hoping i would get myself and i wouldnt have to buy anyone anything, but oh well. i took a test after school that i missed cause of DC and i don't know how well i did on it. i have another test tomorrow and then another on friday and i don't think im going to do good on either of them. all my grades have been falling lately.

the kalner thing after school was interesting. we didn't get much work accomplished but we managed to dig deeper into the mind of kalner...i think this is the first time i've ever seen him feel GUILTY about something. hahahaha, maybe he DOES have a soul....nah...who am i kidding? he should feel guilty though...but i won't get into what he did in the first place, don't want to spark any paranoia in anyones heads.

only a few more days until x-mas break...no wait, i mean WINTER break...cause hannukah is a holiday too and calling it x-mas break would just be unfair. so the future is looking good, which isn't normal for me. i like this feeling though, it's good not to be so sad all the time....anyways...im gonna take a nap or something...really tired...love and peace :-*.
:: Justin 5:03 PM [+] ::
:: 12.09.2003 :: Alternatives ::
school was interesting. in english we talked about how marks dick is like a plantain (ie:small banana) and that made ms.o'connell laugh. she can be so moody sometimes. 2nd period i talked to ashley on AIM. third period was debates in spanish...not my cup of tea. fourth i went to marios with lenny and ashley and i put garbage in lennys hair and he didn't even notice. 5th was computer graphics which was good and i talked to ashley on aim again. 6th was spanish where someone asked me if i had any friends. what kind of question is that?! i mean seriously, just because you dont know a person doesn't mean they dont have any friends. 7th was chem, 8th was gym where we played volleyball and i am the worst volleyballer in the world. 9th was kalner where we talked about the hebrew hammer and how he almost got kicked out of a hockey game.

so that sums up my school day, how was everyone elses?

ahahaha, you don't have to answer that, in fact you probably weren't going to anyway. in other news, i got a flu shot yesterday which i thought was going to be painful but was actually kinda enjoyable. i guess i can take needles off the things im afraid of list. now i've got to work on spiders, death, rejection and emoting myself to others. i wonder which ill get over next?

i have also come to the conclusion that whoever designed rainbow road in mario kart had some sort of vendetta against me. argh. i suck at all things mario kart, i really do....and that's all. peace. bye. and all that stuff.

:: Justin 3:57 PM [+] ::
:: 12.08.2003 :: Update Journal ::

i have a totem pole and you dont. ahahahhaahahh!

school was school. once again, nothing relevant, nothing interesting. i have to stay after tomorrow to take a stupid test i missed, and then wednesday for the kalner thing. lord of the rings comes out in like...9 days? i need to find out who wants to go see that so i can buy tickets cause i'm such a loser and love all things tolkien. annnnnnnwaaaays...i'm bored. i'm tired and i just ate left over chinese food cause im addicted to generals tsaos chicken.

i haven't played taboo nearly as much as i want to. it sucks that you need 4 people for it and i'm only 1. i wish i could play it online or something. oh well. no use complaining.

one more comment before i go. conformity. it sucks. it's inevitable, and i wish it didn't have to be.
:: Justin 3:54 PM [+] ::
:: 12.06.2003 :: :-/ ::
okay. it's official. if life was an essay i'd get a big fat F with the words "see me after class" circled with red pen. of course, i would forget to see the teacher after class and the results of my next essay would once again be F with the words "SEE ME AFTER CLASS!" circled TWICE in red. i'd probably jolt out of the class before seeing the teacher. that's just me though. can't take peoples advice and im not too good at giving it either.

the past 2 weeks have consisted of me playing an endless amount of solitaire at my computer and winning about 2/3rds of the games. i'm fucking sick of playing solitaire. i'm not going to stop though, then i'd really go insane with nothing to do. i need to invent a robot that will play card games with me..or find someone who lives near by that doesn't mind playing them. i hate the snow. i can't go anywhere. MELT DAMNIT MELT.

i am going to watch the muppet movie because i am pathetic, crazy and have nothing better to do.
:: Justin 9:25 PM [+] ::
:: 12.05.2003 :: eminga: snow daze ::

a buried AJ being force fed snow by a krazy with a k brian

a shot of people going into the locker room at the end of a crazy gym class. i call it, "fools rush in."

alright. i went to brian. aj came too. we played mario kart. had snowball fights, did stupid things with snow, played smash bros, more mario kart and then my dad called and was angry and coming to get me. why was he angry? kids threw snowballs at his car and he got pissed off. he threatened to call the cops...argh. he doesn't think before he says/does things. i hate that...anyways...im home now...im bored..and uh...yeah. that's it.
:: Justin 10:54 PM [+] ::
hmmm...lets see. kalner couldnt have me stay after today. why? because it snowed! yes, first snow of the year. it's about 3 inches or so right now and its still coming down pretty heavy. i wound up getting a ride home from megan. anyways, kalner gave out a picture of the entire AP group on the steps infront of the capitol. it's pretty cool but apparently there was something on the cameras lens and now it looks like i have a worm hanging out of my nose...just how i want to remember washington. school was okay today. im going to have to stay after on tuesday for chem, and probably go in early on tuesday for math. there was a snowball fight in my math class today cause we had a sub. geez. some kids are just so fucking stupid.

i'll have a picture of the day later. chances are i will wind up taking it at brians house when i go there in like an hour....anyways..im going to see if i can catch some Z's before i head out...peace.

*catches z*
:: Justin 4:27 PM [+] ::
:: 12.04.2003 :: Alternatives ::

a couple of crappy cell phone pics i took. they consist of the capitol building, lincoln monument, washington monument and certainly not lease...lenny, ashley and myself at the bobs big boy. yes, lenny is KISSING the big boy.

anyways. the trip was really great 90% of the time. part of it was really confusing but i don't think i should really get into it since its none of anyones business. i saw a lot of cool things and DC is now one of my favorite places in the world. im angry though... i have A LOT of homework to do over the weekend and im NOT happy about it. thanks a lot kalner, thanks a lot. anyways...i have a memorable quotes and stuff so here it goes.

waiter at espn zone "who ordered the hamburger without the cheese?...er...i mean cheeseburger!"

kalner, when taking group photo of AP kids "say REGENTS!"

me: "im so hungry i could i could eat a horse..or a person...OH LENNY!" (lenny with headphones responds) "i'm hungry for some too!"

*ashley writes PLEASE DIE as a message to kalner on the window of the bus* *lenny stands up and writes FYI at the top, which is the icing on the cake*

bert (the tour guide) says "the only thing i have to say about a trip if i go next year....ashley sits in the back"

lenny, imitating penguin, "QWAK QWAK QWAK!"

lenny, uknowingly imitating haley joel osment from AI (the annoying laugh), "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

ashley "I LOVE YOU LENNY!!!!" lenny replies, "i don't think thats the breast..i mean best thing to say!"

after watching batman kalner added bat to just about everything like bat remote and bat white out.

lenny slept in the bed with charlie cook and enjoyed it. thoroughly.

anthony took 70 pictures of me during the trip just to make me angry. he should have them all online pretty soon and i will provide a link for all of your enjoyment. :)

all in all, it was an great trip, everyone had a lot fun (i think) and i will kill kalner if he doesnt let me go next year.

p.s. - sorry i didn't say goodbye. (i think the person who this is addressed to will know it's to them)
:: Justin 10:55 PM [+] ::
:: 12.02.2003 :: angry ::
i am proclaiming right now that if my wireless internet is not working when i return to DC there will be a new hole in the wall, right next to the first one that i made because i got angry at the internet. seriously though, my life is completely FINE AND GOOD AND DANDY EXCEPT FOR MY INTERNET CONNECTION. argh. it drives me insane. i know nothing can be perfect but THIS IS NOT RIGHT. IT IS NOT FAIR. of all things to not work why did it have to be MY INTERNET. MY ANTI-DRUG. if i didn't think before i did things, chances are i would have tried to strangle myself with the cable wires, but ironically enough IT IS WIRELESS AND THERE ARE NO WIRES. im going to go down in history as the first person to go mentally insane based on their stress levels involving the internet. seriously, if you have never seen me angry and would like to see me VERY angry just come on over my house and watch me go insane and throw things because my connection isnt working. it's THAT easy.

alright. enough ranting. i suppose it's good i get my anger out before the trip so i dont try to push lenny out a 10 story window. peace :).
:: Justin 9:24 PM [+] ::
my phone is acting funky so no picture of the day today, sorry.

anyways, i went to genovese to pick up some food for tomorrows trip. cherry coke and a ton of candy - should be enough for me, i don't know about anyone else though :-p. argh. i have to wake up at 5:00 tomorrow morning. that's just insane, it really is....i'll probably fall asleep on the bus and wake up with stuff drawn all over my face. i have a whole lotta work to do tonight, cause i don't want to have to worry about anything while on the trip. it's mainly spanish work. damn you senora mejor!!! hmmm...yeah...i think i'll bring a few movies on the bus. definitely batman, and if it were up to me we'd also watch billy madison and a bugs life. too bad the coach buses dont have DVD players, then i could bring the good movies..not that batman isnt good. (i have it on DVD and VHS so i'm covered no matter what)....and that's all...time to start work. peace.

p.s. tomorrow i will start a GIANT GAME OF UNO ON THE BUS. i will provide details when i return.

p.s.s. this isn't the last p.s.

p.s.s.s. this is.
:: Justin 6:19 PM [+] ::
:: 12.01.2003 :: ::
go to my livejournal at this link to see a long survery that i stole from ashley.

i'm honestly not quite sure what is going on in that picture. lenny gave brian the finger and brian tried to eat lenny? straaaange people i know. any suggestions or requests for picture of the day? leave a comment.

anyways, in my photoshop class i decided to turn myself into captain planet, and mrs.downey exclaimed, "justin, you have problems." it's teachers talking like that that makes school feel more personal, and 1 on 1. i think more teachers should call students crazy....aaand....lets see...my finger hurts. im paranoid that its broken even though i really doubt it is....and that's all. peace.
:: Justin 4:00 PM [+] ::

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